Patient Resources

  • Shoulder Dislocation

      What is Shoulder Instability?       The shoulder is described as a “ball and socket “joint.   Instability of this joint is when the ball moves...


  • Frozen Shoulder

    What Causes Frozen Shoulder? A Frozen Shoulder occurs when there is thickening and swelling of the flexible tissue that surrounds your shoulder joint. This tissue is known as a capsule. In cases of...


  • SLAP Lesion

    What is a SLAP Lesion? A SLAP lesion is an injury to the part of your shoulder joint called the glenoid labrum. This is a rim of cartilage around the shoulder joint cavity. Your shoulder joint sock...


  • Rotator Cuff

    What Is the Rotator Cuff? The Rotator Cuff is the name of a group of four muscles and tendons that surround the shoulder joint. They connect the shoulder blade to the humerus which is the long uppe...


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